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Easy driving game for 7 year old.


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the PGR's on the lowest difficulty setting might not be too much of a challenge? There was a Pixar Car's tie-in but can't comment on the quality of the game cos I never played it :)

shotgun ko

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When I was younger I used to play games from the Need For Speed series, they are not too hard and are always decent in terms of graphics and gameplay, but the main hook for younguns is the freeroaming and cop chases. So, the newest one (Need For Speed Undercover) is probably your best option, but I've never played that particular one so don't trust my advice too much.

I would also recommend GRID as its the best racer on the 360 in my opinion, and I can't imagine it being too hard on the easy difficulty setting.


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PGR 3 or 4


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GTA4's races are somewhat forgiving, and you can shoot people too :thumbsup: Or course it is an R18 game, so it depends on how bad a parent you are? ;)


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Hi all. Thanks for all the advice on driving games, much appreciated. The game I have gone for is PGR 3. Only a fiver! So really can't go wrong. Hope he will enjoy it.

Thanks again.


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I can recommend Cars and Cars: Mater-National as good fun. Both available pre-owned in Blockbusters near me for £7.95, so keep an eye out.


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I can recommend Cars and Cars: Mater-National as good fun. Both available pre-owned in Blockbusters near me for £7.95, so keep an eye out.

Agreed. My son quite enjoyed Cars.


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SEGA Rally buddy :smashin:

I used to play it in the arcades ALL the time - very easy to get into but tricky to master. It's very colourful too so great for a kiddie


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I must be really crap, I'm 37 and I struggled with some of the games in this thread :eek: :rolleyes:

Pure sure is hard! :eek:

I think PGR3 is probably a good choice though, I loved that game.


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My kids (3 and 6) like Outrun.

Suggest you download the demos of a few different racers (including, say, Cars) and see what your kids like.

They used to love the old Simpson's Road Rage game (you should be able to buy the Xbox version fairly cheaply - check it works on the 360 first though).

I've got PGR4 and it's never occured to me to let my kids play it; think it would be far too difficult for them.

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