easy bi amp question


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hi guys,

think i might be being dense.

i have just bought an additional MF P150 poweramp to bi amp with my old one.

do i just take the left from my pre amp and put it in the left input of one power amp and the same with the right outputs and then just stick the amps on their mono setting?

i just switched to some AE1's and i know they are hard to drive but i need to put the volume up to about double to get the same volume as it used to be.

methinks something is wrong since i have in effect doubled the power but am getting half the power out.


Peter Baker

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Normally I would use one amp to drive the tweeters of both speakers and the other to drive the woofers. Assuming of course that the speakers allow for two sets of inputs


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You don't get something for nothing with bi-amping. If the mono switch splits the input between both channels of a stereo amp, then that avoids the need for an rca splitter. Just be sure that you are not using a bridging mode, which is quite different. I would be inclined to use one amp per channel, as the driver / tweeter load will be quite unequal, and you will not be sharing the load between the amps.

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