Eastern Promises 4K Blu-ray Review


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thanks Cas, very underrated film which goes under the radar compared to A History Of Violence.

I watched it recently on Blu-Ray, the image looked great on it so can only imagine what the 4k version is like.

Not sure if I'll pick this up or not though as cant see myself watching it again for a good while yet.
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Jim Di Griz

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Thanks Cas - I want to watch it again now! Haven't seen it for years.

I notice your review was rather more enthusiastic than the 'review' at the other place which has to be read to be believed. Suffice it to say, I'm definitely going with your review!


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Nice review. Haven't seen it since it was first released in the cinema. Looking forward to seeing it again. Now we need A History of Violence in 4K too.
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There are rumours of a sequel series of this that have done the rounds for a couple of years with Mortensen.


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Was going to buy this in HMV yesterday but I'll wait till the price comes down a bit. Eastern Promises still holds up really well 18 years after release. As a movie I would rate it 9 out of 10.


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Wasn’t for me this movie. 4k was very nice but I knew I would never watch it again (hence moving it on)

Jimmy Grease

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such a great movie, a lot of the dialogue is true and holds up.


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I bought the film on DVD back in the day and loved it. I pretty much forgot about it looking forward to watching it again in 4k.

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