Easing Chicken Pox!


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Hi does anyone have any useful tips on easing Chicken Pox? I have 2 two year olds with it my youngest seems to have it a lot worse. I've tried calamine, My eldest loves it but youngest screams the house down. I have also looked in to Piritez syrup but that says not for under 6 years.

Thank you


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Piriton syrup can be had by under 6's, we have given it to my daughter when she was 2. You can get a childs one, it also has the added benefit of knocking them out too. Baby nurofen should also help, being an anti inflammatory.


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Cool bath with calomine lotion poured in and literally cover them in the stuff before bed, thick clothes (so they don't scratch) and gloves. Doesn't stop the itching but stop them causing more damage.

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We used piriton and covered them in talc, the talc dries the spots out.... Our two have just had it... Thankfully gone now... We didn't use calamine...

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