Easiest way to connect my new AV gear


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I have ordered a Denon avr-3500h and new speakers,with two atmos in the ceiling . But I am on the fence about which new TV. Love the idea of oled but with the burn in having no guarantee it is a bit of a deal breaker really. Spend 2k on a TV and get told yeah... sorry but tough sh*t! That is something I struggle to get on board with.

This is where I need some help understanding my options. As the amount of options and ways to deal with them seems endless! I was looking at earc with the lg c9 (my issue with oled does not help here). As I like the idea of running everything through the apps on the tv,with the earc passing everything to the avr, and just having that one easy to use remote-Unless I have this wrong already.

So I looked at the Samsung q90r. No oled and just as good but no earc. So to get the proper sound from my avr with all its bells and whistles and atmos what would I need to do to get this working? Without the current three remotes and things like a 4k firestick plugged into the one connect box or amp ? The c9 just seems a cleaner way to do it.

We are not even going to bother with a blu-ray player so everything will be streamed from netflix, amazon prime or via the virgin box. We have an older apple tv but have not used it for a while so have no plans to get a 4k version of that.( another two remotes got rid of).

With all the different devices,standards and apps it is not that easy to understand what is the best way to do anything now days. Cableing is not an issue as I have a duct in the wall from the tv to avr and a power point behind the tv at high level.

Any advice on ways to do the things I want with the modern AV gear would be helpful.

Cheers tony


ARC will allow Dolby Digital Plus and it's associated Atmos metadata to be passed to the TV, providing the TV itself has this capability. The newer eARC as well as being much more stable and problem free is capable of passing HD audio, ie, Dolby TrueHD, again this is down to the audio available on the TV. I don't know Virgin's maximum audio but assume it will be Dolby Digital Plus and I would therefore connect direct to the receiver for video and audio.


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Given you’ve gone all out for the best sound, it’d be a shame not to add a 4K player to the mix for the best Atmos possible via 4K discs.
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