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Easiest/Cheapest Screen Solution????

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by Prehjan, Jan 11, 2005.

  1. Prehjan


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    This is what I have done with mine and the results are spectacular!!! and best of all...it cost me less that a hundred dolars....
    You'll need three things:

    -----A home depot white sheet used in bathroom...I believ its SKU#24667-07442...It is basically a white piece of plastic...

    -----A sander....To sand this board with a fine paper to a good finish....Keep in mind the back side is clack...so you'll need to use the white side!!!

    -----Goo systems (cheapest) CRT Projector (2) stage paint...Basecoat and clearcoat...I belive its about 55 bucks for both...

    You will need to either roll the paint or spray it....i myself used a home paiting spray gun....do the basecoat twice and give it some time to harden and then do a very light sanding and spray once more....Once you are satisfied with the surface....it is time for the clearcoat!!!

    And voila!!!
    you have now a cheap screen that does the work of a "600 dollar" screen (I returned that one in three days and got my money back...) and runs one sixth the price!!!

    I amaze myself sometimes!!!! HEHEHE
    Another thing to consider is to frame it with a black boardered wood or frame of some type...( if you are trying to the the black boarder deal so that the screen is sentered when you look at it...It sortta catches the eye in one position instead of wondering around when you are watching a movie....)

    This screen is really light...so be carefull when attaching it to a wall....I myself have hung it from the ceiling...best way to go I guess!!!

    Good Luck

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