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Nov 13, 2003
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Can I incorporate my twin Cyrus book shelf speakers into a surround sound system with some satellite rears and centres like kef eggs.

The Cyrus's have given great service and are fantastic at low to medium volumes but I am against five full sized speakers in the living room but also am a bit wary of satellite keeping me happy music wise.

What amp would power the two speakers as stereo but fire up all 5 for movies and do I have to have a sub ?
Hi there,

as far as rear speakers go, they dont have to match at all. I had some Mordaunt-Short 903 bipolar speakers at the rear which were very good. The bipolar design spreads the rear sound around the room nicely. But to be honest pretty much any speaker will be good enough for the rears.

The centre is more important IMO. I think its actually the most imprortant speaker for movies... ideally you would go for a matching Cyrus speaker for the centre, or if you go for another brand, try and accommodate a full size speaker (not satellite) otherwise dialogue can be difficult to hear. I've been there and done that.

Maybe someone else can point you in the direction of a suitable non-cyrus centre speaker that will match well with your fronts left and rights.

Hi, sounds like you should use the standmount speakers you have as rears and incorporate one pair of florrstanders for the front and get a centre too to compliment the Cyrus etc.

Alternatively you could look for the Cyrus Centre. There is one on Ebay at the moment.

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