ease my way into 5.1


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Can I incorporate my twin Cyrus book shelf speakers into a surround sound system with some satellite rears and centres like kef eggs.

The Cyrus's have given great service and are fantastic at low to medium volumes but I am against five full sized speakers in the living room but also am a bit wary of satellite keeping me happy music wise.

What amp would power the two speakers as stereo but fire up all 5 for movies and do I have to have a sub ?


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Hi there,:)
I Presume you allready have an integrated amp that you currently use with your cyrus speakers.
If this is the case I would reccommend you buy an av reciever/amp with pre out and connect the front left and right of this to the av or aux of your integrated amp.
All you do then is connect the centre and rear speakers to av receiver/amp.
When you want to listen to a cd you can use the cd player, integrated amp and cyrus speakers in the normal way.
When you want to watch a dvd you select av or aux on the integrated amp so you can use the cyrus speakers in a 5.1 set-up.:thumbsup:
As for the sub, you might have to because the cyrus speakers might not be good enough to create the sub levels on a soundtrack.

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