Question Earphones or headphone suggestions with v1 PSVR headset?


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I've been using the supplied in ear earphones with my v1 for a while but I keep finding they've popped out or they aren't plugged in properly so the sound isn't right.
I suspect them being too tight in my ears and working their way out is one of the things I'm finding a bit claustrophobic, which affects my enthusiasm for sticking the VR headset on at all :(.

I prefer over ear headphones. I don't need any noise isolation as I'm playing on my own in a quiet room, in fact being able to hear the door or phone would be a bonus :)

I have wireless noise cancelling 'phones for normal use so these would be just for PSVR.
They don't need to look good as I already look silly ;)
Not looking to spend a fortune £30 up to £50 for something that sounds good.

Any suggestions for headphones that go around the back of the head or earbuds that don't need to be jammed in your ear canal to work well?


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The PSVR has sidetone, so you can hear the mic input through your earphones. Great if you want to hear the door going, regardless of what headphones you are using.

You have to go onto the audio devices menu to enable ir, after the PSVR headset has been turned on.


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I tried plugging in my expensive triple driver custom in ears into the headset, but the headphone amp in the headset is so bad it was painful. I try not to use the ear phones much as it's easy to hurt your ears, it's one of the few negatives about PSVR for me. I try and use my AV system instead.


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That's worth knowing I suppose. I have an AV system too but keep the volume down when I'm gaming as the family are sleeping.
I guess I'll just have to play hunt the headphones myself.
I had to do the same task with bluetooth ear buds for my daughter (new phone, no jack) and myself - pair of pocket JBL buds and a pair of JBL over ears for the train!

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