Question Early stage home cinema build advice


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Hi everyone,

I will be doing some work on my house and part of that will be a home theatre. The will end up being 4 X 2.5m, not a huge room but it will be a dedicated theatre room.

My initial idea is to use an acoustically transparent fixed frame screen with Monitor Audio in wall speakers for the fronts, centre channel and mids. I was also thinking of using the in wall subwoofer. Does anyone have any experience with the MA in wall kit?

The sofa will be at the back of the room so I was thinking of using ceiling speakers for the rears as there wont be any space to put speakers or wall speakers. I'm also planning on using a pair of Monitor Audio Ceiling speakers for Atmos in a 7.1.2 configuration.

What do people think of this solution? Any potential pitfalls?


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