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Hi all

Not long received our 48" LG CX TV, which has eARC, so clearly makes sense to limit my search for a suitable soundbar to one that also has eARC for future proofing.


It will be mainly fed TV and streaming content, with a potential bit of music but that is secondary. Got a replacement UHD Sky Q box on the way, plus Netflix and Disney+ subs already.

Clearly the screen isn't the biggest, and the room is fairly small at 3.5mx3.5m, and when the sofa goes in it'll be pretty much against the rear wall so limited options for surround speakers (although not ruling it out)

The TV is mounted on a Sanus stand, so looking for a soundbar that works mounted under the TV and not wall mounted. Good thing with the Sanus stand is it gives me plenty of height choices so not limited by the tiny LG mount.

Obvious options I know of are the Sonus Arc, the B&O Beosound Stage, various LG models (but many are too wide for the 120cm stand we're using and/or would look silly under a small screen) but not sure what else is worth considering?

I'm loath to try demos at the moment, as I'm supposed to be isolating, but I know when we bought our Yahama YSP-3300, which we continue to use with the plasma, the extra punch over the 2500 was very noticeable on demo and I felt it was well worth the extra money.

I'm a bit surprised by the current trend to limit HDMI connections on the soundbars - one of the great things with the Yamaha is that it has plenty of HDMI ports to act as a hub. Slightly concerned by the time I've plugged in the Q box, Nintendo Switch and probably a PS5 in due course, blu-ray and/or UHD player I'm going to be struggling for connections and especially eARC compatible ones.

Are there other new products on the horizon that might be worth waiting to hit the market? Have to say the built in speakers on the CX are way better than I was expecting, based on how our Panasonic plasma sounds with the soundbar!

Thoughts/opinions/experience very much welcome and appreciated!



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I think you are on the right track with some of the products that you have mentioned already. Yamaha offer a really solid range and via musicast the possibility of an expandable universe. Sonos you have the beam, reduced playbar pricing and the Arc, again expandable, although limited in terms of hdmis. Then you have all the others JBL,BOSE,CANTON, Etc. I have the stage myself and it is awesome, bear in mind you can purchase online and by law can return within 14 days so thats a useful option for you.

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