Earbuds Bluetooth range for TV listening?


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I'm looking to purchase my first Bluetooth earbuds - top of the list is the Sony WF-C500. These are primarily for listening to TV when I don't want to disturb the rest of the house. I don't need ANC as they won't be used in a noisy environment. But my question is about Bluetooth range for these tiny devices. I guess they are usually designed to communicate with a phone that is maybe just a couple of feet away, in a pocket. In my set-up, the transmitter will be the AV Receiver some 3-4 metres away, equipped with a Bluetooth transmitter plugged into its headphone jack socket.

Does anyone have experience of this sort of set-up, and does it usually work? I know this is one of those 'all depends' questions, but I'm hoping Sony will be one of the more robust contenders in this area.

Any particular comments on the Sony WF-C500?

Thanks, as always, for any help in this.

Jules Tohpipi

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You'll be absolutely fine for the scenario you describe. I bought some £35 no-name Bluetooth ear buds off Amazon which work fine out to approx 10 metres (line of sight, no walls). They work perfectly with no dropouts at my typical 4 metres distance from the Bluetooth TX connected to the TV. Very generally speaking, all Bluetooth devices are specced to approx 10 metres line of sight range (no obstructions).

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