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Hi Everyone
My first post. I saw a brilliant post & replies to a similar question but it was from three years ago so I need to make sure the information is up to date or what I am missing. I have a fast broadband account with BT. I was using the smarthub (and am again now!) but wanted to use the Linksys EA9500 I've had laid around for a few years as its got more ethernet ports and must have better wireless. Today my modem arrived (BT Openspace) and so I plugged in. Went to the Linksys wizard (Linksyssmartwifi) and it asked for the account name and password. Eventually, asked BT for help on that side and was told (as mentioned in the other article on this sage forum) btsmarthome and bt as password. Then it continued on its merry way. HOWEVER.... when I tried to get online all I got was this BT Home - your gateway into BT (a page from BT Wholesale saying that for one reason or another, it wouldn't give me access or a connection. Another 20 minutes waiting for BT to answer the phone got me a lady who I had to explain everything to twice but could give me no help whatsoever to connect. All she said was contact Linksys. Thats 60 minutes lost forever waiting online for BT help.
Is this related to the modem? Is it down to router settings? Or, is it Boris Johnson taking vengence on me for all I've said about him?


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Are you sure your "BT OpenSpace" device is actually a modem and not a router...? Perhaps cite it's exact make/model (it'll probably be printed on the "serail number" label if nowhere else) and we can check.

At one time (many years ago) BT told me that they "don't check the credentials and you can use anything." I've no idea if that's still the case.

BTW - it's not Johnson that's out to get you, it's the Martians.
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Cool - that is a modem then - presumably the presentation is onto an ethernet port which you thence cable to the "WAN/Internet" port of your router.

I'm surprised they sent you that to install yourself - back in the day OpenReach would have installed it for you.

There shouldn't be much else to "set up" on your router - set the connection type to PPPoE, whack in a userid and password for the link, tell it to use DHCP to go get an IP address and DNS addresses from the ISP and that should be about it.

When you procured this service from BT (retail,) presumably they sent you one of their SmartHubs..? If so, stick that on instead of the LinkSys and if it still doesn't work, call BT. By using their SmartHub, they cannot fob you off by saying "not our router mate, you're on your own." Once you've fixed/proved the line works with the BT supplied equipment, then you can replace the SmartHub with your Linksys safe in the knowledge that there's not a problem with the line or the service.
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