EA Games ..Another port forwarding question.

Mad Mikeyboy

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I cant connect to EA servers, and EA servers only. All my other games connect fine. I have been on the portforwarding web site that everyone suggests but still I'm lost. Probably cause my wife recently bought a Mac.
The computer is upstairs connected wirelessly and the 360 is wired to the ethernet port of the router downstairs. How do I find out what the i.p adress is for the 360 so I can set up the ports. Can this be done on the 360 or do I need to do it through the router by entering the i.p adress of the router on the adress bar of my browser??

In other words a proper idiots guide would be good!!


if you go into the routers config it will give u a list of all the devices connected to it and what IP address it has assigned them. The 360 will be the device without a name. Where as the PC's will be named whatever you named em when you first installed windows

Mad Mikeyboy

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Ok, so I think I've managed to forward the necessary ports on the router by creating a static I.p adress on the 360 by entering it manually on the systems setting of the dashboard. Then following the step by step instructions on portforwarding website.

Still I cannot connect to EA servers!!!!!
EA support are no help whatsoever!!!!

I really want to play Tiger08 online please help:lease:

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