E85 External Link?


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I'm looking for a DVD-HDD recorder and found this useful forum.
Could one of the E85 owners outhere tell me if the machine has 'External Link' to start recording automatically from a satellite/Freeview box timer signal please?
The Pioneer 5100 seems to have this (but rather oddly, not via a Scart), while the Toshiba XS30 doesn't have it at all (and has a smaller HDD).
I see someone else assumes it's on the E85 but no confirmation - and I'd like not to have to set two timers as with my current VCR/Freeview set-up.
Also. are there any specs around yet of the Toshiba XS32 which I saw mentioned?



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This function is in the earlier HS2, but is of little use as by the time the recorder has started up you have missed the start of the program. and if it over-runs by even 30 seconds you miss the end. Much better to program a bit of slack either end, have the freeview box on all the time, and ideally select the program before to get it switched over before the program starts if it is slightly early in getting going. I seem to remenber that it won't allow recording in rgb either, as it only worked with video output from the source.

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The E85 has external link but only mentions Sky personal planner in the OM.

Recording is now possible by RGB using this method if I read the OM correctly (I do not use the external link facility).

However, as stated above use the timer so you can set the end time and if necessary the start time to over-run.


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Thanks for replies.
I gave up relying on advertised program times ages ago. Plenty of TV now habitually starts progs slightly early and overruns so it's just a matter of allowing the extra time or adjusting the videoplus setting on analogue.
The possible lack of RGB isn't too serious as my Freeview box only delivers it on the TV output and I want the machine mainly for timeshifting, but it might be 'nice to have' for the future.
I may wait for the specs of the nw JVCs and the Toshiba XS32. Couldn't find much detail online yet


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Vic37, your question was useful as it confirmed my E85 External Link assumption. I'm thinking about waiting for the new JVC HDD machines. If anyone is interested, there is an Acrobat file with detail specs of the MH20 and MH30 on the download link on the JVC Netherlands site. Use "Download dit bestand " at

Unfortunately it doesn't say if there is RGB-in. Direct Link (the JVC version of Panasonic External Link) is shown but their VCR version of this seemed to work 'backwards' by having the VCR turn on a satellite decoder in some way, rather than the other way round.


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I have used the external link on the HS2 and the E50.

I could only get it to work with the Panasonic TUCT30 Freeview box and it does it very well. It also records in RGB. I don't see why the E85 would be any different.
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