E85 disc problems


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First like to thank everyone for helping to answer all the questions. These DVD recorders are bl**dy complicated!! :confused:

I've had my machine for 2 months now and recently tried dubbing onto dvd-r. So far with little success - 2 successful attempts out of 6.

Recorded Davinci Code in high speed mode and then used partial erase to edit it, used next feature so it was all done in one session. Put in blank disc and tried to dub in high speed. Failure message comes up!! So then dubbed in slow speed. The disc seemed fine, I then went to the finalise menu and again the disc failed. So disc was not finalised, re-tried with another blank disc, but went straight to slow dubbing mode, again at the finalising stage the disc failed :mad: . Very fed up.

I then burnt another movie from the hdd to dvd-r and finalised with no problems! In slow recording mode as high speed dub was not on when this film was recorded This is very annoying.

I've only had one success with high speed dub and then I only used partial erase twice to edit.
I do like this machine but just too many irritating problems. When is the new model due as I'm now thinking about giving this one back and getting a credit note.
Thank heavens for this forum. Its good for my blood pressure.


CSI_Basel said:
I bought a pack of 25 Intertronic DVD-rs for 15 pounds.


i would suspect the discs before the E85. Have dubbed nearly 50 DVD-Rs (in high-speed and realtime) since getting mine without a single failure.

Not actually heard of the Intertronic brand (though what matters is the media manufacturer). 25 for £15 is fairly cheap for high st prices, so if you bought them from a store without especially keen pricing then I'm even more dubious about the discs.

Before writing off the E85 (more I use mine, the more I'm impressed) can I suggest you buy a pack of 10 'premium-priced' branded (Maxell, Sony, etc) discs and see what your experience is? I'm not suggesting you need allways buy these in future, but you'll know what the E85 is capable of fed with decent media, and could subsequently look out for bargains on known 'good' DVD-Rs once you're satisfied that there's no basic problem with the E85.

If you still get problems with expensive DVD-R then it sounds like the E85 is faulty, but I doubt that this will be the outcome.

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