e6600 + X1900XT Underpowered!? Need More Juice!?


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I finally got my Panasonic 1080P TV wall mounted over the weekend & hooked up to my PC (spec below)!

Core2 Duo e6600
ATI X1900XT 512MB
2GB DDR2 Crucial RAM
Asus P5B Motherboard

I built this PC in mind of functioning as a HTPC & Work (MS Office, Photoshop, Dreamweaver etc) system at the same time. However now that I've finally hooked up the secondary screen/tv (to run MediaPortal/MCE permanently) the PC can't deal with it...

I'm getting the PC to output to the Dell monitor (primary display) at 1680x1050 & the the Panasonic plasma at 1080P... This works although the PC becomes rather slow & horizontal lines flash up while watching TV on the Panasonic or frames are missed every now & again... If I then try using some of ffdshow's filters everything becomes unwatchable (too many missed frames)...

If I make the Panasonic the primary display @ 1080P and disable the Dell, things improve greatly and no horizontal lines/missed frames appear, even with ffdshow!

I'd rather spend as little as possible atm, however at the same time I haven't just purchased a 42" Plasma not to enjoy it fully...

Thus, will a new graphics card suffice or am I in need of a new PC for Work stuff & dedicate the current one as a HTPC only? Please advise me, is it the graphics card that's at bottleneck or CPU as well?


hmm your system specs are more than enougth for what u need. i have an e6300 and and 1900xt I can watch hd movies on my projector , while my brother plays world of warcraft simultaniously. Have U got the lastest drivers for your graphics card and motherboard


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I be looking at the graphics card and as it's probably the cheapest thing to look at in the first instance it's the best place to start. As your not gaming then look to the new ATI 2600 or Nvidia 8600gts ranges. Be carefull with the Nvida as the required hardware decoding of HiDef (which is I think the problem area) is not allways present on these cards (it's very confusing on these cards). :)


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ollieaudio: I've got 7/8 month old drivers for both... Time to upgrade then? Do you output at 1080P to your TV though?

GrahamC: Do these cards have some 'specialised' HD decoding chips on them that my X1900XT doesn't?


Something isn't right. I can playback 1080p on lesser machine, A64 4200X2, ATI X300. Dual screen, 1280x1024 and 1920x1080. It isn't your PC, as it's easily powerful enough. Videocard doesn't really matter, the CPU does all the work.

My guess is you have too many filters enabled, or have incorrect resizing options in FFDSHOW. Uninstall FFDSHOW, reinstall but don't adjust anything. Can it playback movies ok? Post a picture of your ffdshow resize page. You might have rescale down to native if > than x, which'll hog your system (did on mine) you only want to scale up if the video is < than native.

Is your Plasma a 1080p? What model? Any my desktop has a 1900XT, 4400x2 again no problems with 1080p materrial.


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Does this sound like a codec problem then? I've been meaning to reformat for a while now just need to purchase a new HDD as I'm running out of space... My CPU currently flactuates between 50-95&#37; usuage whilst watching SD TV... Bare in mind that my DVB-C card is decoding the cable signal at the same time as this...

How much CPU usuage are you guys getting?

badbob: The above issue is with ffdshow turned OFF & using the PowerDVD 7.5 codec in MediaPortal (MCE)... If I do a reinstall, should I only install the latest ffdshow & use it as the only codec?

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