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I am in two minds whether or not to buy the E55. :confused:

The main reason for buying it would be to archive VHS. I have some basic questions to ask that I would appreciate feedback on.

1) I there an easy way to edit out adverts when transferring VHS to DVD-r eg. manually, keeping your finger on the record button? Is this possible?

2) How can I achieve the best quality transfer from VHS to DVD using the E55?

3) If I were to transfer 4 hours of footage onto a DVD-r from VHS would it be watchable?

4) Is a DVD recorder worth getting without owning Sky or Freeview? What is the quality like without them?

thanks :)


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1. To save space and therefore quality on the disk, manual pausing would be best.

2. Scart out to scart in or composite and stereo out to composite and stereo in.

3. It would be as watchable as it is on your vhs but with some added compression artifacts. VHS is so bad that you might not notice the difference. In 5 years time it will probably be far more watchable than your vhs tape due to the latter deteriorating while the DVD won't no matter how many times it's played - as long as you don't scratch or dirty it of course.

4. Yes. THe quality of the recording in 2hr mode will be virtually indistinguishable to your normal signal except for some very slight compression artifacts that will hardly be noticable on a normal tv. The results will be far superior to vhs as well as being rock steady with much better colors and no added hiss.

The tuner on my DVDR is much more sensitive than my tv and so
actually gives a much better picture as well as an extra couple of channels from ntl analogue.

If you have a poor signal then it will be recorded as is as well as being harder to compress.

One warning though, once you have had a DVDR for a while you will probably never want to watch vhs again, or even a digital copy of a vhs. You may want to throw your vcr in the bin. Mine is festering in the garage.


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Just bought a E55 from Richer for an amazing 229 - it's a great machine - it offers component out (a must for me) progressive scan and improved library information. considering the previous incarnation (e50) was 380 quid - this is an absolute steal!! and it's multi region

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