E50 freezes after 16 secs with certain discs! Help.


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Firstly my apologies if this has been covered before but I gave up searching the hundreds of E50 threads.

My fathers E50 was working fine until he tried to play Grease. The machine reads the disc then freezes after 16 seconds. He then has to power off/on to be able to eject the disc. We tried another film and it played no problem. He exchanged the DVD and the second disc does exactly the same but only on his E50.

Any thoughts anyone or is this a step back to the early days of incompatible discs!


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Sounds more like a badly pressed disk than a fault with the E50 assuming no other DVDs are displaying similar traits. As always in these situations try the normal, i.e. jumping ahead a chapter, FF/RR etc to see if it is still causes a problem. Try taking it back, ask for a refund and buy from a totally different source as it could just be one bad batch.

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