E50 and Sky+ Setup probs

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Apologies if this is a FAQ but I need some more clarification. My current set up is:

Sony TV w/s Dig 28" - 3 SCARTs (1 RGB)
SKY+ Mk1
SKY+ TV Scart -----> AV2 on E50
AV1 on E50 -----> TV RGB Scart

The inputs and outputs on the E50 are RGB and Normal as instructed by JEM. When the E50 is on I get a grey screen. When it is off, I see Sky. The E50 does not detect any channels when auto-tuning occurs. Nor can I set the time. So how do I record saved programmes of SKY+ then ?

Cool As Blu

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Also, will I be better off connecting the 2 boxes via S-video and RCA audio cables ?

Cool As Blu

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I fixed this with a small detail - use channel A2 on my E50!!!!

Anyway, I have some more questions.


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You seemed to have answered your question.

Auto tune and time set only works through the RF option. So basically you can autotune your terrestial channels and set the time in the same way as you did with a VCR.

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