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Hey all. On Sunday 1st April I ordered a phone on contract for £119.99. The next day I realised I'd rushed into the order and could get it cheaper else where so called up e2save and asked to cancel the order. I was told that my money would be refunded back into my account within 5 days.

I waited 9 days but nothing had appeared in my account so called them again and was told that the refund could take up to 10 days (I made this call last Wednesday 11th April).

So, taking into account the bank holidays etc, 10 working days after I cancelled my order was yesterday.... still no refund. Checked again this morning and it's still not there.

So, I just got off the phone to them just now and they said that my "cheque is on its way" to me :confused: The guy said that my refund was processed on 11th April (the day I called up to ask why I had still not been refunded).

He said that it can take upto 21 days for the cheque to arrive so "should receive it within the next week or two".

Therefore, it may be 4 weeks from my initial cancelation to the point where I actually get my money back (maybe even longer).

I'm not too happy.:devil:

Has anyone else tried to get a refund from e2save before?


thats a bit crap, if they took the money from your card it should be refunded to your card, not a cheque

e2save is actually carphone warehouse i paid £29.99 for my N95 through CPW but they later did a price match where I got the handset free, they actually price matched there own price e2save and onestopphoneshop had the N95 for free, same tarrif etc, i paid the £29.99 on chip and pin card, i was told my refund would be by cheque, i said not to bother, just give me a credit note of poss, which they did later i bought a memory card and still have a balance, i asked for the remainder to be paid to one of my accounts, was told they couldnt do this with price match, i thought nothing of it but that was my money, if i had got a cheque i coulda cashed it and used it to pay my bill :S not only that if i had opted to get the money back in my hand it should have been directly back onto my chip and pin card and not cheque

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