E20 Fault?



Hi Chaps,

Has anyone had this problem?

On the E20 if you record, say 1 Hour and 40 Minutes, you only see about 40 minutes on the finalised disc. The rest just a blank, black, silent screen.

Have you had such a problem with your E20?

I am recording from VCR to E20, as well as from Satellite to E20, so it doesnt seem to matter what source I have.

The media is White Label Gen 3, and it aslo happend when using White Top Gen 3 (Choice) media.

I have 3 discs which have been ruined like this.

I had that on My E20!!! But it was worse. 2Hr recording and no video or audio!!!

I basically managed to blow the video port on the scart. Its quite easy to do, apparantyly...:eek:

All you have to do is connect a scart lead into the machine when its on!!! I do that all the time and never had a problem on any other machine.. But I suppose the Panny's a bit :blush: sensitive. :blush:

Panasonic took it away (Onsite Warranty, I should think so as I paid an arm and a leg when the thing came out) fixed it and sent it back within a week. Aint gonna try that again in a hurry...

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