E.T. The Extra Terrestrial finally makes its high def bow in October

Steve Withers

Time to get out the tissues and phone home as everyone's favourite stranded alien lands on Blu-ray

It was the small personal film that Steven Spielberg made after Raiders of the Lost Ark, developed from an abandoned sequel to Close Encounters and shot under the title A Boy's Life. It became one of the most successful films of all time, tugging at the world's heart strings back in 1982, breaking box office records everywhere and sending sales of Reece's Pieces through the roof. It knocked Star Wars off the top spot and, in inflation adjusted dollars, it is still the fourth most successful film ever. Now, an incredible 30 years after its original release, E.T. The Extra Terrestrial finally arrives on Blu-ray on the 22nd of October.

The disc uses a brand new high definition transfer made from the fully restored original 35mm film elements. The disc will include all the extras from the previously released 20th Anniversary DVD release, as well as a few exclusives just for this Blu-ray, not to mention a 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack. However the one thing the Blu-ray won't contain is the 2002 theatrical re-issue with its digital alterations. Spielberg now admits that the changes he made were a mistake and that he will never do that again, preferring to leave his films as they were, mistakes and all. God if only his buddy George Lucas would do the same...

Relive the adventure and magic in one of the most beloved motion pictures of all-time, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, from Academy Award-winning director Steven Spielberg. Captivating audiences of all ages, this timeless story follows the unforgettable journey of a lost alien and the 10-year-old boy he befriends. Join Elliot (Henry Thomas), Gertie (Drew Barrymore) and Michael (Robert MacNaughton) as they come together to help E.T. find his way back home. Now digitally remastered with enhanced picture and sound for its 30th Anniversary, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial is one of the great films that forever belongs in the hearts and minds of audiences everywhere.

Extras include:

  • The E.T. Journals: Featuring behind the scenes footage from the filming of the movie, this featurette gives viewers a unique feeling of being on-set and living the excitement of what it was like to make E.T. (Blu-ray Exclusive)
  • Steven Spielberg & E.T.: The director reflects back on the film and discusses his experience working with children as well as his overall and current perspective on E.T.
  • Deleted Scenes
  • A Look Back: A special insider's look into the making of E.T. featuring interviews with Steven Spielberg, the cast, and others intimately involved with the film
  • The Evolution and Creation of E.T.: From idea to screenplay, through casting and making the film
  • The E.T. Reunion: The cast and filmmaker reunite to discuss their thoughts on the impact of the film
  • The Music of E.T. A Discussion with John Williams: Interviews and footage of the long-standing relationship between John Williams and Steven Spielberg
  • The 20th Anniversary Premiere: Composer John Williams played the score of E.T. live at the Shrine Auditorium for the re-release premier of E.T. This featurette gives us a behind the scenes look at this presentation
  • Designs, Photographs and Marketing
  • Theatrical Trailer


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Will it have HD audio too? Gotta be a must own!

Steve Withers

Good spot, I've added that to the post.

Steve Withers

Same scene as on the DVD, it involves Elliot in the principal's office at school and the principal is played by Harrison Ford. ET was written by Melissa Mattheson who was Ford's wife at the time.


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Thanks for the heads up Steve.

Anyone know if the UK and US releases will be the same in terms of supplements and technical specs?


Steve Withers

They will be identical MJ.

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