E-Pilot & SKY remote - In doubt of buying, read on


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Sep 2, 2002
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I purchased the E-Pilot from maplin recently and have found the following info useful, hope it helps.

Where do i find info/support ?

Will it replace my sky digital remote ?
Beware, there are 3 different issues of the sky remote, the black one has issues, the e-pilot will not learn the 'TV Guide/Box Office/Interactive/Services' functions.

What is the biggest annoyance?
Some remote keys that require toggle activity (mute) appear to need an intermediary dummy key press for normal use.
This is also the case where your TV has a navigation type menu.
(If anyone has cracked this please let me know)

What is the second biggest annoyance?
You cannot assign text labels to buttons.
The e-pilot will only give you approx a choice of four different type icons for button assignment. If you are not happy with using something like 'tv txt' to operate the sky favourites then you can always use a blank button. All things considered this is only £40 and rival remotes offering this are usually £100+

Where do i find out about remotes ?
Where else http://www.remotecentral.com
i had, well still got, the M1, and had no problems learning my sky digital remote (blue one).

Also navigation was ok aswell.
Did you manage to get the 'mute' function operating as expected ?????
Originally posted by paulryan
Did you manage to get the 'mute' function operating as expected ?????

Cracked it.

All you need to do is set up a macro key that activitates
'Mute' 'dummy',the dummy key can be any key that doesnt do
anything at top level like up arrow or something.

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