E-Arc TV, Arc AVR & PS5

El Barto

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Got a LG CX incoming with e-arc (HDMI 2.1)
My AVR NAD 758V3 is only ARC (2.0)

I need 5 HDMI inputs (my AVR only has 3 and the LG TV has 4)

my 5 sources are split thus

PS5 / Sat Box / Nvidia Shield (4K)
wii U / HTPC (1080p)

if I hook up the two ARC inputs between the TV and the AVR and plug my 3 No. 4K sources into the TV and the 2 No. 1080p sources into the AVR will I be able to utilise the HDMI 2.1 features from the PS5 (not sure they’ve been unlocked yet) or will the AVR ARC throw a spanner in the works?


That is what you have to do. eARC will only work if all in the chain are of that standard. The PS5 will have to go direct to the TV. Unfortunately because you will be returning the audio to the AV amp via HDMI it will revert to the standard ARC connection allowing only for SD audio (Dolby Digital 5.1) in any audio from the TV.

Your sat box and shield can still be connected to the AV amp as it has 4K pass through abilities as that relies on HDMI 2.0. The PS5 is your only connection direct to the TV.

If you do get handshake problems between the AV amp and the TV then I would set the TV's audio output to the optical connection.

Joe Fernand

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Ideally you would upgrade the AVR to support eARC which then allows you to connect Sources direct to the TV or AVR without introducing any of the limitations you will currently have to work around or live with due to the AVR being ARC only.

The other option you could consider is using a device which can connect to the TV eARC socket and allow you to send full audio capabilities from the TV Tuner/TV apps/Devices connected to the TV to a ‘standard’ HDMI Input on the AVR, not an inexpensive solution but is possible if you prefer to not upgrade the AVR.



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