E-30 : Wiring up Machines, slight ghost and NTSC to NTSC copies.

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    Hi All

    Well its been two months now since I had the E-30 and I'm pretty happy with it. Think I should of gotten a region coded one but since I have Mico that chews on that and Macrovision there isn't really much need.

    Now that Ihave the 100 optodics in place I want to start duping my collection of off air VHSs in both NTSC and PAL. I have a multi system TV set and VHS deck but when recording from either that or the Mico I get a slight ghosting. I am using a scart cable on the DVD and a composite lead on the VHS.

    Is this down to crap cables that are too long? Any suggestions or recommendations? Currently everything is stacked on top of each other.

    I should really get a better PAL VHS deck with scart on it but haven't gotten around to it.

    On the duping in NTSC, has anyone done it?

    I did have ago once and the results weren't right, but I may have screwed up somewhere. The VHS deck (sony) will run NTSC pure signal and likewise the Mico DVD player will reportadly work as well.

    Love to hear some feedback as I'm not going to start the duping untill its all sorted.



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