Dyson Repairs.

Bald Monkey

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Got an older style small Dyson (DC05 ?) at home and it's been acting up recently, cutting out at random times etc.. I'd given it a 'service' a few months back washing/changing all the filters etc and it was like new :D so I was reluctant to get another one..

Last night we managed to strip it all apart, jerry rigged an electrical tester with a torch and some cable and then discovered the problem was the live cable inside the mains cable had broken near the plug! :( So no need to take it all apart at all!

I managed to get it all together again and it works a treat now I've shortened the cable a bit to remove the damaged section but I can't get my head around how I set the spring loaded cable winder when reasembling??

Can anyone advise? Or have any links to assembly instructions??

trev m

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Hi Bald Monkey

You my have to wind up the spring loaded cable winder first
then wind some of the cable round the pulley then release this should pull the cable back into your Dyson

Bald Monkey

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Cheers :thumbsup:

Not quite sure how to wind it and then re-assmble etc... TBH I didn't struggle with it for long as dinner was getting cold but thought there's probably some simple instructions on the web so I'd leave it and do it later.. Seems not.

I'll strip it apart again and try as you suggest, cheers.

Bald Monkey

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:D That's Brilliant!! Cheers! :thumbsup:

EDIT: Perhaps I was over thinking it, expecting there to be some need to pretension the cable winder before reassembly?? He just stuck it in and reassembled. Perhaps I've knackered mine?? I'll try to rewind the reel and just reassemble and see if it works??
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