Dynavector Cartridge with Clear Audio Concept


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I am wanting to buy a new cartridge and i have it ready to buy now. But I'm unsure. I have decided on the dynavector and was originaly looking at the DV 20X2 but then I started looking at the Dv-XX2 MkII but wasnt sure if it was a good match for my turntable. myClearaudio Concept has the Verify Direct Wire tonearm that came with it pre-installed. So then I started looking at the Karat 17D3 and I found videos on youtube with one fitted.
Then I found out that this is now no longer in production but you can still get hold of it and the Karat 17DX replaces it DV KARAT 17DX | MC Phono Cartridge | Dynavector International Site its much heavier and not sure if its a good match for my clearaudio Concept, it weighs 5.3 grams whereas the one thats replacing it weighs 11grams so double the weight. So Im not sure whats best and whether that 17Dx would be a no go. My Phono is the Heed Questar and the technical details for that is:

Technical specifications:

220 µV/100ohm (Questar MC)

Frequency range: 20 Hz - 20 kHz/± 0,3 dB
64 dB (Questar MC)

Signal/noise ratio:
74 dB (Questar MC)

18 dB (Questar MC)

Channel separation: 50 dB (1 kHz)

Heed Questar MC Phono Stage
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