Question Dynaudio Special Forty/Evoke 20 with Exposure XM5 amp?


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Hey there!

I'm about to buy a pair of new speakers (either the Dynaudio Special Forty or Evoke 20) and need to pair them with a amp.
I've been recommended the Exposure XM5 amp with Cocktail Audio N15D as a network streamer.
I'll mainly be streaming with Spotify, but I'll use the amp/speakers for TV too (Sony A1E), but I'm guessing I can connect it all with either COAX or RCA cables? Sorry for this question, I'm used to all HDMI connections

I saw the other thread regarding the same topic, where something like the DENON PMA-1600NE or DENON PMA-2500NE ($2.000 demo version) was begin recommended along LYNGDORF TDAI 2170 ($2.200 demo version) and some Rotels.

What would you guys recommend as a amp for the Dynaudio's? I'd like to be around 1.5-1.700 USD, if possible, tho not that firm. (Located in Denmark)
Or any thoughts on the Exposure XM5 amp?

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Clive D

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Hi Greenish

I don’t know much about the Lyngdorf amp but it is well reviewed and has room correction built in. Is that important for you?

I do have the Denon PMA2500NE and believe it is one of the unsung heroes in the hifi market. It has a really good DAC, fantastic power and yet can be as subtle as you want. It would work beautifully with the Dynaudio Special 40s on your wish list, I use Kralk TDB6 speakers with mine and the results, after carefully setting them up, are spectacular. Bearing in mind they cost perhaps 25% of the Dynaudios they represent great value. The previous owner ran it with Kef 201/2s and these might be more comparable with the Dynaudios, again the sound quality was superb.

The Denon handles TV beautifully via RCA. The synchronicity is spot on and no doubt your Sony would love being fed into this set up. Did you know the amp weighs in at 25kg?

A tricky choice for you, both amps are highly regarded so I don’t think you’d go wrong with either. Good luck with your decision, do let us know what you decide on.


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The Lyngdorf every time sir.

Room correction of the calibre of Room Perfect is worth the price by itself.

Quite seriously, with the 2170 doing its stuff you’ll be astonished.

Clive D

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If you have a chance you should try and hear both amps (although I guess this might be difficult). It’s really your best option to gauge what you like most and if a home demo is possible to check out what works best in your room. If you can get the Dynaudios too - result!


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It's kinda difficult to shop around for amplifiers here.. one shop might have the Dynaudios but not the amp I'm looking for and vice versa.
Hence its also kinda hard to get some unbiased opinion since the sales rep of course wants too sell their own wares.
That's why I'm trying to narrow it down to a couple candidates

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