Dynaudio 1.8/ M&K v ATC


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Trying to decide what speakers to get to replace my monitor audio's. Thinking about going for a sub sat package ( Gallo's , M&K, ATC maybe) for HT but getting a decent pair of stereo speakers. I like the look of Dynaudio but want a compact floorstander and hence looked at the 1.8. However, there are very few reviews of this speaker - has anyone listened to it and got any views?

Similarly am considering the ATC SCM 7 speaker system for the sats but hear very little about them unlike the M&K's (S85's etc). Has anyone compared the two as not many dealers stock both brands?



I use audience 42 fronts (and 42c centre) but had a listen to the 1.8s at the manchester hi-fi show and was enthralled by them, a ten minute listen turned into almost an hour. if I wanted floorstanders (my l/room is small) these are the ones I would go for. suggest you go and get an audition or try a pair at home.


I think you will be waisting a lot of money, and even more fun, having separate systems... :rolleyes:


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I can vouch for ATC speakers (I own three Active 10's across the front, with a Concept 2 subwoofer, and have played with their C4 centre, SCM-20A pro monitors, and the C4 sub) but Lowrider's right - you might as well stick with one brand/range for your surround setup.

I can definitely recommend the Concept 2 package from ATC. Or - if you've got a bit more cash, and are more interested in movies than music - the Concept 4.

I can also, however, say that the Dynaudio Contour range are some of the best speakers out there for anything less than silly money. If you've already got quality amplification, or if you've really got your heart set on floorstanders, then you can feel confident going for Dynaudio. I preferred the Active 10's to the Contour 1.3 Mk. II's, but not by much. And I was swayed by the fact that you get the Active 10 speaker plus high-end amplification built in for less than the Contour...



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