Dynasty - Season 1 (R1, 4 discs): $26.95 (~£14.30) @ Amazon.com


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A bit of mature cheddar for you ...

Dynasty - Season 1 (4 discs): $26.95 @ Amazon.com
Item: $19.97
Shipping & Handling: $6.98
Order Total: $26.95

Find DVD price check: www.find-dvd.co.uk/r1/024543169246.htm

... don't think there's been a R2/UK release, even though this was released well over a year ago; as a mid-season replacement when originally aired, this is only a 13 episode season (or 15 since the pilot is a 3-parter); and as some of you might remember, neither Joan Collins (Blake's ex-missus Alexis) nor a nubile Heather Locklear (Blake's gay son's first wife Sammy Jo, after his plastic surgery) are in Season 1 dammit! :D

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