Dynamic viewing mode on the Viera?

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by Steve_P, Aug 18, 2004.

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    Well, as the inital 'burn-in' period of my TV draws to an end, I was wondering what the professional (and more informed amateur ;) ) members' thoughts were on the differing viewing modes (Dynamic, Normal, Cinema & Auto) but in particular Dynamic mode and long term viewing.

    I've read on the forum and understand that the different modes do have different underlying parameters (e.g. gamma? amongst others) that can't be altered from the standard menu, such that if brightness/contrast etc are set to the same exact values then the picture will still be radically different between the viewing modes. I've also read that Dynamic mode nukes the phosphors at an elevated rate and the arguements that "a star that burns twice as bright can only burn for half as long".

    So... is long term use of Dynamic mode really that bad for shortening the life of a plasma? If so, what is the best mode to use instead? I'm guessing either Normal or Auto.

    All thoughts / opinions / pearls of wisdom greatfully received.


    p.s. I've already got my Digital Video Essentials DVD disc and look forward to using it in the next couple of days. :devil:

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