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My understanding is that this gets rid of the extreme volume changes so you can watch a movie at night with the volume loud enough to hear the talking parts and not have to worry about waking up the neighbours/kids when the action kicks off. Perfect for my needs.

I know a lot of AV receivers have this (including my Marantz 1504) but it always seems to be buried in a menu somewhere. Does anyone know of a brand that includes a button on the remote that switches it on and off?

I've just got the Marantz and it does its job fine for my needs but an easy toggle for night mode sound could be a marriage saver


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No AV receiver has access to the industry standardised DRC. It is implimented in relation to DTS and Dolby Digital encoded audio and not applicable to any other format or type of audio lacking the meta data hints that it requires.



A better option is to use a proprietary system such as Yamaha's Adaptive DRC or Audyssey's Dynamic Volume. Other manufacturers also include modes such as a Night Time mode that do a similar job as that associated with Dynamic Volume and Adaptive DRC. Both Adaptice DRC and Dynamic Volume would still only be accessible via a receiver's settings and cannot be engeged and disengaged via a button press on the remote.

Your Marantz receiver should include Audyssey's Dynamic Volume if it includes Audyssey room correction? Use the Dynamic Volume option as opposed to standardised DRC setting.

Dynamic Volume | Audyssey
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I will do so. It does require going into the menus to turn on and off though, I was hoping one of the brands would provide an on/off toggle for Night Mode or the like on the remote so whoever was watching could quickly respond to angry thumps on the wall or the ceiling without interrupting the film.

I guess I could programme a sequence into the harmony remote but it will still be a bit distracting for anyone watching the movie when the menu pops up on screen and the cursor jumps around to select and engage Dynamic Volume


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Receivers used to fascilitate what you want, but I don't know of a current receiver that includes a Night Mode or Midnight Listening button on their remote.

What you could do (depending upon your receiver) is have one source using the same associated inputs set to use Dynamic Volume with another without it? Each source can be configured differently so one can have it set to on while the other has it turned off.


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That sounds doable actually, I'll have a go. Thanks

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