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What is the preferred setting for Dynamic Range Compressor on the Sony STR-DG820. I know its down to personal preference, but generally what is best. Currently I have it set to "COMP.OFF". Whilst watching Sky+HD or Blu-rays, I find myself constantly adjusting the volume, turning it down on loud scenes, then having to turn it back up to hear the dialogue again.

The manual suggests setting this to maximum compression (COMP.MAX). I am going to watch a film later so will test if this changes anything regards the volume. Just wanted to see what other users have their compression set to.


I've referred before on here about a situation where two men are having a chat, then suddenly a grenade or similar goes off.

The difference in volume has to be massive for reality imo.

Hence compression is off on my amp.

I agree, it can be annoying though.

Not that i've got a Sony, but they all work similarly.

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