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Long time 'annon lurker' here, I am currently in the process of moving home and as part of the move, I have convinced the partner we should upgrade our current TV as we will have more space.

Currently I am considering either the Panasonic 58DX802B or Samsung 65MU6100.

I know the Pana is last years model, but trying to find a 2016 Samsung KS is nigh on impossible, I also really like the Pana bundled soundbar and aesthetics. Pana is £1,200 at Richer Sounds whilst Samsung can be had for £1,400 with £400 cashback.

Budget is between £1,000 - £1,200, although I know if I wait until Black Friday I may get a better deal, unsure if I can. What are peoples thoughts on either model or any alternatives? I understand the Hisense N6800 is suppose to be good as well.

P.s. Samsung has only really been considered today since I found out it also has the Steam Link App.

Your thanks appreciated ahead of time!


You should always get the biggest TV you can afford, to make things easier you should first decide om what you want from a TV and what screen size you want. Otherwise you will face the never end battle of having to choose between a higher quality smaller TV or lower quality larger TV.

What will you use the TV for?
How far will you view the TV?
What are your sources going to be?
Do you view the TV from an angle or straight on?
Will you want to view mostly in the dark or with the lights on?

Just a few questions to consider first.

Right now isn't the best time to buy, so if you can wait until later discounts, you should.


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Hi Dodge,

Thanks for the tips around what to consider. I have answered below...

TV will be used for a mixture of HD Broadcasts (Freesat if TV includes it), Gaming & Movies. Initially 4K content will come from Netflix & Amazon Video. Hoping to invest in a UHD Blu Ray player for Christmas.
TV viewing distance will be around 9-11ft (Depending on how furniture is set out)
Sources as above really.
I will view straight on, on rare occasion of guests they will probably view from some form of an angle.
It will most likely be a mixture of light & dark, I prefer dark and my partner prefers lights to be on... Best to assume it will be on the light side.

I have briefly read up on VA/IPS panels and presume if I was considerate to guests I would need to consider IPS? How bad are VA panels for angles?


VA viewing angles are pretty narrow. You are looking at colours starting to wash out at between 16-20 degrees off centre whilst with IPS this usually happens to a lesser extent at 35-45 degrees.

OLEDs and Plasma's have the best viewing angles, they look the same even at a very tight angle.

Like most people you sit too far away to benefit from UHD vs FHD, even on a larger 65" screen. So you may want to consider investing in a TV that ranks highly with HDR performance, because at least then you will benefit from HDR..although HDR content is very limited right now. Your viewing distance is about optimum for 1080p at 65".


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Thanks for the advice, I know from previous posts I have read you highly rate the DX900 which is sometimes on the ebay outlet.

Any recommendations what to look out for come Black Friday/Christmas Sales?


If you are looking at the same budget then it depends again on what size you want. If you want 55/58" you are looking at upper mid range TVs like Sony XE9005, Samsung Q7. I'd love to see the Sony XE9305 drop to that price but I'm not sure it will.

If you are looking at 65" then you are looking at lower mid range/budget models.

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