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    Hi there,

    I currently run an old Pioneer 626d DVD player which has the usual analogue 5.1 outs, digital/optical out, DTS out etc.

    I am looking at upgrading this unit and I am tempted with the features of a DVR however it will be used mostly for prerecorded movie playback. As the majority of my DVD collection is either 5.1 or DTS will these units output these signals to my Dolby Digital and DTS amp as I only seem to notice them quoting stereo outputs. Would the optical out on a DVR pipe both Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS audio to my amp (which has optical inputs). If I can do away with the analogue 5.1 cables I am currently using it would certainly reduce the wire count behind my home entertainment system.

    If this works then I won't have lost anything, I don't want and I don't have room to have two seperate devices but I'm wary of purchasing one of these only to find they arent suited to prerecorded "original" movie titles. I am looking at around the £400 mark and was considering the Toshiba 32 and the Pioneer 420. I'm a big fan of Pioneer DVD and all my DVD players up until now have been Pioneer. As it has been a very long time since my last player purchase, have all the incompatibilities that existed early on in the format (such and such a player won't play such and such a title, such and such a player does not like seamless branching etc) been ironed out?

    Thanks in advance for your comments, advice, suggestions.



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