DVR-530H-S UK clock reference in Belgium


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It seems that it is impossible for me to use auto clock setting for UK time on my DVR because it only allows me to specify analogue channels for the time signal on the RF input. It will not allow me to specify one of the Scart or RGB inputs. Furthermore, I have had to disable the RF output from the Digibox because, the Guide Plus+ scan on the DVR will download from that source only if the Digibox is left on and tuned to the host channel (Eurosport).
Although a limited Ceefax service is available on BBC2 (London), with a UK
time display, on the Belgian cable network, the DVR will not accept it as a
time reference. Pioneer checked this at their location in northern Belgium
and were surprised because they also thought Ceefax was a valid time
I can only assume that the Belgian cable network is sourcing the BBC1 and 2 signals via satellite and that, although Ceefax is present, its clock signal cannot be extracted from the digital stream. I tried talking to the cable people about this but it's like getting blood out of a stone.
So, it seems that I have to rely on manual clock setting for the DVR and
that has already shown signs of drift.
I guess this information could be useful for any other ex-pat forum subscribers trying to achieve the same thing.

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