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I have had my eyes on a Sony DVP-NS405 DVD player.

The specs I seen states diffrent outputs and I would like to ask if someone here on the board could clarify what connections there really are.

I recently bought a quite expencive (100€) Digital coaxial cable to connect my current DVD to the AV receiver.
I'd like to reuse this cable if I get a new DVD player and not dish out more money on an optical cable.

Also, what cable is good to use for video? Right now I use the original scart to my low budget Scott DVD player.

If I get a new player, I also want a good video cable.
Should I ask for a "RGB scart" to get best picture? (Is that correct terminology?)
Sorry, I don't know much about cables and diffrent formats.

My TV is a Sony 32" Widescreen (2 years old) and Receiver is Marantz sr-4200.



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Others may differ, but personally I would get a QED SQART Cable - this Scart Cable gives an excellent picture between my Sony DVD and Sony TV. You can pick from up for about £35 from www.hifibitz.co.uk

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