DVI to VGA or DVI to HDMI?


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Hi guys I am currently connecting my pc to my samsung le37-r88 via a DVI to VGA cable (PC input on the TV)

I am running windows media center at the correct resolution to play DVD ripped avi files and the quality is pretty good.

However I have seen DVI to HDMI converters in the shops and was wondering if I used one of these and a HDMi cable to the HDMI input on the LCD will it give me any better quality and if so why?

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Yes it will, this is because DVI to HDMI will carry a digital signal right to the TV wheras VGA becomes analogue in the graphics card allowing the signal to degrade along the cable.

Also I'd run your graphics card's resolution at the same resolution as the TV as the PC will probably do a better job of upscaling than the TV will.


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Thanks for the reply Hamish, yes I will be running my TV at 1366x768 from the graphics card to avoid upscaling, will give this a go.

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Just so you don't get stiffed - a 2m cable can be had for £3.99 from ebuyer
plus postage of course. Plenty of other reasonable suppliers.

The DVI-HDMI cable only carries VIDEO of course and you need to work out how/where you want to send the sound from your MCE PC.

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