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I'm thinking about conncecting my pc to my LCD by using DVI to HDMI, but my pc only has a VGA port. Can i get a VGA to DVI converter and then a DVI to HDMI or will that degrade quality.Thanks for the help.


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You can definately get a VGA > DVI adapter, but as you say, I imagine it would have an effect on the quality, not sure what though.


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I might be wrong here (this is just as I understand it;)), but I think that the DVI socket on a PC GFX card not only outputs the single stream DVI (digital) signal but the RGBHV required for VGA (analogue). Thus, when adding the adapter (DVI - VGA) it is simply selecting the pins that are outputting the analogue VGA signal so you can use a VGA type monitor.

So if you were to get a VGA - DVI adapter I doubt that there will be a digital signal output stream (DVI) that can then be adapted to the HDMI socket format. The GFX output will just be an analogue RGBHV signal.

The best option would be to get a cheap(ish) DVI GFX card for your PC. I doubt it would cost much.

Have you not got a VGA on the back of the LCD anyway? I use mine XBOX360 > LCD via VGA... looks great :)

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Hello ElvisLives

Everything is possible connectivity wise - though some options will be a lot more costly than others.

Once you sort out the required Analogue (VGA) to Digital (HDMI) conversion you also have to understand that the HDMI Input on your Display may only support a relatively limited range of 'Video' resolution signals.

The User Manual for your Display will confirm what signals the HDMI Input supports - if your lucky it may include some PC resolution/refresh rates; if not be prepared to mess about a lot with the PC settings to achieve a sharp non over scanned image on your HDMI equipped Display.

VGA to DVI/HDMI conversion can be a straight Analogue to Digital Conversion or a Conversion plus scaling - see http://www.gefen.com/kvm/product.jsp?prod_id=4341

Best regards


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