I wish to take DVI output from PC Video Card, connect it to the HDMI input in a plasma tv(panasonic pe55) is this possiple?Will i be able to change resolutions that means will my pc recognise my plasma as a monitor?

thank you


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Careful here, you can run into issues where the plasma and the PC won't talk to each other when your outputting DVI from the PC and inputting it into the HDMI port. It will work at some resolutions but maybe not at others very well. 60Hz might work and 50Hz might not for instance. It all depends on what EIA or VESA timings the panel and the PC support and the dark subject of EDID and HDCP....... I know the 436 (and the 435) Pioneer screens (FDE/XDE) are a real headache to get the PC to address the screen at native res (which is what you should aim for) without tearing and motion stutter etc. many might be happy with the result of course but it isn't right......
The only screen I know works with PC's hooked up via DVI is the 40 series Fujitsu, the PC correctly talks to the screen and sets the right res and refresh without the need to "play" with powerstrip etc. The image is all the better for it too..... Plug and play at its finest unless of course you want to spend a long time battling with timings etc.... :D
In short DVI to HDMI connections should be treated with a bit of mistrust and certianly try before you buy....
Of course HDCP on graphics cards is coming so buy one without it while you still can as it isn't going to get easier anytime soon......


The issue is indeed EDID, there is none back from HDMI AFAIK. You will only ever be able to use video resolutions, and overscan is around 5% usually, ie no task bar! Native res is impossible on all HDMI ports I have ever come across on plasma screens, including the Fuji, which has both HDMI and DVI to keep all camps happy. DVI for you PC users. A 'better' way to get PC content onto a plasma TV might be a media streaming box, Snazzio, Pinnacle etc. Not without it's perils of course... Those who set out to run a PC should always have the display only models at the top of their shopping list. Pioneer MXE1 is still king of the HCPC displays, it runs native res at 50Hz as well as 60Hz.


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HDMI also handshakes with EDID on steriods..... The encyrption within HDMI port connections also gets put into the TDMS data line (again TDMS on steriods) this is where displays/sources will get their nickers in a twist.....
The MXE1 is a good screen (in its day), but as you say the current 40 series Fujitsu screen does give excellent results with an HTPC connected via DVI such as the UVEM with little or no fiddling and of course has an HDMI port for DVD players etc.....(one that actually talks to the source devices!). I know which screen I'd rather look at these days!
Of course good old component is always there when people give up on the new digital world..... :devil:


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You would, as that refresh is included in the EIA-861 specs, 50Hz is another matter entirely via HDMI as screens (just about all I've come across) will probably ignore the back porch settings and give a 300pixel offset..... Time to show me 50Hz material via the Lumagen then mate..... :D Like I said it isn't an issue on the Fujitsu really, Pioneer domestic screens though is entirely another matter that I really shouldn't comment on further!

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Graham: It was a comment directed at MAW's statement he'd never got NR working on HDMI ports of anny plasma...including fuji....

50Hz in to your fuji's is not possible. The display recognises it but will not do pixel for pixel. You end up having to change sizes and positions until you end up with a pseudo [email protected] timing...but I guess you know that....I'm just posting it for others to read.



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Yes mate!

Of course we are discussing HDMI here, people should be aware that via DVI a HTPC doesn't have problems on the Fujitsu 40 series. Other manufacturers screens might.....
Good old fashioned advice is "try before you buy"!

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