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I have a new 1080p tv which I want to connect to my AV32R. I can use the component connection and a separate audio feed as suggested by the installer but he thought the Tags analogue outs would only output at 480p. :confused:
I could use the dvi out to hdmi in but am I right in thinking that dvi doesnt carry audio either.
I dont have an HD source yet so want to get the best signal from SD discs. I will have to buy a cable so want to get the right one
Your invaluable advice welcome as always. :D


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Hello Davee,
I have always used me AV32R DP for sound only, may I ask what 1080P screen you are thinking of buying or bought? Im asking this because I find the Pioneer Plasma's are very good for up-grading a signal on all sources i.e. HD & SD films & programmes.
When I did have a Tag DVDr with PSM I only used the PSM for watching SD DVD films.
The DVI is for picture only, Tag Mclaren always wanted to keep the sound & picture signals seperate.
I changed to HD & have never looked back, with the right screen, HD sky box & Blu Ray player you will find yourself turning away from SD disc's but nothing beats the AV32R for sound quailty :thumbsup:

Cheers, Jonny


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In tests I found that the DVI to HDMI gave better results on my TV than component. I think this is because the manufacturer concentrated on the HDMI inputs. I have found a number of sites which have stated the same in there reviews.

Depends on TV, I use a DVI to HDMI converter on the Tag PSM output then a HDMI cable to the TV. Made a big difference, much sharper.

Sound I use the AV32R to do all of the sound via the digital out.


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Thanks guys, pretty much as I expected, just didnt want to buy another component cable to find I should have got an hdmi cable. I see they are now available with dvi at one end and hdmi at the other rather than using an adapter.
Jonny, I dont have any HD sources yet, tv is loewe connect 42+dr


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As always nothing is simple. To connect from the dvi to hdmi requires changing the output signal from component to rgb otherwise I get a magenta picture on the tv. :(
If I do that I screw up the picture on the pj. It looks like I am going to have to keep a component analogue signal to both the pj and the tv rather than keeping a digital source all the way.
Oh well, yet another orphan cable.:blush:

GrahamMG, Rover SD1 et al where are you these days with your pearls of wisdom


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I know what you mean ... never as straight forward as we would like!

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