DVI to HDMI with sound?


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:lease:So I have an ATI Radeon HD 3800 graphics card with an ATI branded DVI t0 HDMI adapter on the back. From there I have an HDMI cable goin gto my Samsung HD TV. I was under the impression that I could get sound through the HDMI cable, but ive got nothing. I read on another post here that you needed the ATI DVI adapter to get sound using the same card I had, so i returned an off brand and got this one. Does anyony have any idea what I can do to get sound to the TV.


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AFAIK you need to set the audio output on your sound card to SPDIF out and this should enable the sound to be carried over HDMI from GPU.
That is what I did for my 4870 but I am not entirely sure if the 3800 series is the same.
You will need to install this driver if you haven't already done so ATI HDMI Audio Device R2.14
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If you're using Vista then it should pick it up automatically and there'll be an "HDMI Audio" device in Sounds in Control Panel - just select that as the default output.

What colour is your adapter, out of interest? The original ATI adapters which included the extra connections for sound (they hijack a few unused pins on the DVI connector which is why you need a special adapter with these wired up) were designed for the 29xx series and were black. The 38xx series needs a different adapter which is grey in colour. If you're using a black one then you need a grey one (I made the same mistake myself).

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That's correct. But, there should be a separate audio output on the card.

Standard DVI doesn't carry sound but what ATI have done is co-opt a few unused pins on the connector to output sound. Normally these pins aren't used and so standard DVI-HDMI adapters don't have them connected which is why you need ATI's own "special" ones which connect these extra pins to the relevant HDMI pins.

The latest ATI Catalyst drivers can detect the presence of these adapters and will warn you about HDMI not carrying sound if you plug in an HDMI device via a standard adapter.


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hard to find a UK retailer, ATi only sell them in canada and the US.

However there are UK sellers on ebay, they number sell for around £12 plus p+p which is a little expensive for somehthing that would otherwise cost a couple of quid if you could buy direct.

I'm just toying with the idea of buying a bulk lot of 50 items, as a retailer in the US would do this for the same postage as one, then sell them here for cheaper than on ebay aiming to cover the cost of postage.


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Hi guys, please excuse the old thread bump here, but dont suppose anyone knows which adaptor will work for the 3450 (its actually the asus AH3450 one)


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