DVI to HDMI via CAT5???


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Hi guys,

I need to connect my PC to my amp for video scaling. Trouble is, the PC is in a different room to the amp and the only cables I've got plastered into the wall are cat5 UTPs. Now there is 3 of them so does anyone know if I can use them to achieve what I wanna do?

By the way, the PC has DVI output and the amp has HDMI input.

Any help is greatly appreciated :thumbsup:


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There are some boxes around that appear to do what you want via a pair of Cat5 cables. Do a google search for HDMI DVI balun.

I'm a bit confused about the need to scale in the amp. If it was me I would make sure all the scaling was done at the PC.


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Sorry, I've not made myself clear!

The amp is where all my signals are going and from there I have just 1 HDMI cable. Therefore I need to convert the DVI from the PC to HDMI so it can be displayed as just another source and the audio can go via the amp as well.

THT :smashin:


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Ok. Makes sense now. Have you tried your PC via the amp? I've seen some threads (probably on the integrated amps forum) of people who have tried PC->amp->display & had problems with it. Might be something to do with the amp expecting HDCP.

Joe Fernand

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Joe Fernand said:
PS I'd recommend you move the PC close to the Amp and test out the PC (DVI) via the Amp (HDMI) on a temporary set-up to ensure you can achieve what you want before you splash out on CAT5 extenders.
Very good idea.....

Didnt know gefen did baluns Joe are they on your site?

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