DVI to HDMI 18 pin or 24 pin


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Hi i'm looking to connect my computer (geforce 8500gt) to my sony 32s3000 lcd, using DVI to HDMI in order to get 1360x768 res
my question is would i get any benefit from a dual link 24 pin dvi cable or would single link 18 pin give me the same results
i already bought a 18 pin cable on ebay thinking it was 24 pin as the picture clearly showed 24 pins. the seller mislead me and others it seems:thumbsdow so i'm wondering should i buy another 24 pin cable:lease:


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HDMI has the same wiring as Single link DVI
There aren't enough pins on the HDMI end to connect Dual.

Some DVI ends have all the pins but the dual wires aren't connected
Other DVI ends just have less pins, but they are all connected.

I always have a good laugh when anyone suggests you could get a dual link HDMI cable.


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On my star choice sattelite box it has dvi-hdmi on tv with a 24 pin dvi cable . the tv is a lcd with a 120hz refresh rate . can i also use a 18 pin dvi cable?? star choice says no, the ebay seller says yes?? im confused, will it degrade the signal if it can?
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Your eBay seller is correct. A normal 19 pin HDMI plug only carries a single-link signal.


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ok, oh so the 18+ 1 pin connector will work fine then? i believe he recommended a cat2/1.3 high speed cable for my tv.


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thanks, i was just worried the pins wouldnt fit, as the dual link has the pin off to the side where as the 18=1 looks different.

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Hello Bugser

Keep in mind HDMI is a Video Input port and will often only work with Video resolution signals - no matter if your have a 1366x768 pixel Display.

You need to look in the Display User Manual to confirm what resolution signals each HDMI port supports before you assume you can set the PC to do 1.1 pixel mapping.



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i dont understand it, i just tried the new 18+1 pin on the star choice box(which has a 24 pin port) and it doesnt work. if i put the old sat choice cable on (24 pin) it works??


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I dont know the star choice box that you have , but have seen your issue before with other devices ....

Take a look here , especially the pinout diagrams down the right side of the page.

Digital Visual Interface - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

HDMI - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Typically a DVI to HDMI cable would use the DVI-D single link connections to make the hdmi connections , i.e using the pins for TMDS 0,1,and 2 like this ,


Your box maker seems to have used the Second side of a DVI D dual link to make the connections. i.e. using TMDS 3 , 4 , and 5.

Meaning most standard DVI to HDMI cables wont work as they would go the first way , probably enabling Star choice to make a few pounds on their " special " cables ....etc etc.
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