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Is there a cable that will go from DVI to composite?
Cannot seem to find anything.

I want to connect P.C to an LCD tv, monitor and another T.v via composite.
Only using one graphics card.

My idea is to split the DVI cable 1 to Lcd TV and the other some way to a composite only display.

Any help appreciated. Picture quality is not an issue at moment.

Chris Muriel

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DVI-D is digital only , requiring a video encoder (basically a video digital to analogue converter) IC to convert to PAL.
DVI-I (with the extra contacts) also duplicates the VGA outputs which are RGBHV analogue. This would still need a chip to convert it to Composite video - but a different type of IC this time (RGB to PAL converter, analogue domain only). The latter certainly exist as quite common active adaptors.
Some PC graphics cards have an additional composite video output on the card , i.e. VGA and/or DVI sockets on the card + a Cvbs output.

Chris Muriel, Manchester


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Thanks Chris,

I was looking at the ATI adaptors but if i split the dvi first and then attach the adaptor will it work?.

I am guessing that they may only work with respective graphics card.

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