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DVI output and full screen viewing


Diving Bear

I'm not sure which forum to post this on LCDs or DVD Players... so have gone for both!

I have a Philips 32PF9986. I have just bought a Denon 2019. When I connect it through the DVI it dosplays the screen with black boarders. I am unable to use the movie expand 16:9. When I change to RGB scart I can use the expand and get the whole screen, but the picture isn't as good.

Is it possible to get a full screen picture using the DVI input??


Standard Member
Hi, my guess is you mean a Denon 2910.... and you are using it to output a 720p HD format. This is where the player upsamples the image to that res (DVD is 576i by default).

The phillips doesn't then scale the video to fill the screen, instead giving a 1:1 ratio for the pixels. On an LCD this should make the image look sharper. This, of course, results in black borders. If the display did the scaling to get rid of the bars, then the image would look softer. An option to flick between the 2 modes would have been nice.

Have a look in the Denons menu for an output res option. Not sure what or where it'll be. Turning it back to 576 will result in a full screen image. I think you may be able to select 1080i as well, but that will result in the player scaling up the image, then the TV scaling it down to fit the screens native res.

Hope this helps.

Diving Bear

Thanks. I do mean a 2910. I had the DVI output set to 1080i. Setting it to a lower, including 576 doesn't result in the LCD picture being full screen.
I am doing my best with the manuel but can't find anything that deals with this.

Am I just being a bit dim??

Diving Bear

Getting used to it now. Picture quality good but have found that there is a green 'tinge' on the flesh tones. Is this an adjustment that needs to be done on the tv or the DVD?

Eddy Boy

Established Member
I would go for the player.

On the bottom of the remote you have a picture adjust button with a lot of options. Play around and see what works.

If you change it on the TV you will need to alter it again depending on your source either DVD or Sky etc.

So long term it is easier to alter the player.

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