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DVI or VGA through MCE can anyone advise?


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Hi All,

I have just purchased a Samsung 50" plasma (PS50C7HDX). I am running this through Vista MCE.

The problem I have is the tv only has a VGA and HDMI not a DVI connector I wanted to use the HDMI input not the VGA to get the highest quality ... I am doing this using a DVI cable from my graphics card and then using a DVI to HDMI convertor. This hasnt worked out how I expected as I can not use any of the TV adjustments for PC input built into the tv as it only sees this connection as an HDMI .. I have very limited resolutions I can use in games etc (hd ones I think, hope this make sense?).

I best setting I am going to get is if I use the VGA connector on TV (I think), to do this I will use a DVI cable from my PC and then a VGA converter (my GF only has DVI out) but I am worried I will not get the best quality? ...is VGA any good the TV's resolution is 1366 x 768 VGA OK for this especially in the future when I am getting HD content from telewest, hd dvd player etc.

Any help would be appreciated I am thinking of sending the TV back and getting something with DVI input ... am I being too finicky .. I just want the best quality I can get for my money, and not regret it in a few years when there is more HD content about.

Thanks in advance.. as said any comment, advise would be very much appreciated I only have a few days to send it back.



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HDMI on a lot of TV's just does not work properly, I resorted to VGA with NVidia 6600 graphics card set at 1360x768 @ 60Hz and get a very good display. Also with Plasmas be very careful with screen burn, use screen savers etc to help. This site may help you http://pixelmapping.wikispaces.com/
Also have you set up your graphics card with the latest drivers, you have not mentioned what card you are using, I know with NVidia you get a lot of settings for scaling, 720p and 1080i.


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I was using the VGA port on a Sony KDL-40W2000 1080p LCD the other day, and the maximum resolution I could feed it was 1360x768 @ 60Hz, which resulted in a smaller window in the centre of the screen, and I had to use the FULL setting on the tv to stretch it. Apparently only the DVI port on that set allows 1080 resolution.
Didn't have a HDMI converter to try :(
The reason for this has something to do with protecting content (HDCP) which I currently know nothing about.


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Hi Andy,

Thanks for your reply ..the card I have is Gainward GeForce 7900GT Bliss and it does do 720p which is what I have it set to at the moment.. which seem good the problem is the edge of the desktop is missing and as said before I can’t adjust it because the tv doesn’t see it as a PC input.. the other problem is that games have preset resolutions for you to select and they don’t include 720p

MCE is Ok there’s nothing missing which is the main activity so I should really just accept it, but as you may have guessed I don’t know too much about this and so was just checking have purchased the right tv for my needs … cant help thinking I should have got one with dvi input.

I will check out the link thanks.


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Hi Punce,

My tv is only 720p which is why it only comes woith VGA pressumably ... I will get a converter and try the vga connector today hopefully .. the bottom line for me is am I going to get a better picture tryingto use the hdmi connection than the vga @ 720p?

Thanks .. will let you know how I get on with the vga.


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Chances are....Your only going be able to get 1:1 pixel mapping on the VGA input...

The HDMI input will most likely have between 4% & 6% over scan on it.So 1:1 pixel mapping will not be possible on the HDMI input...

(You maybe lucky and your plasma TV may support 1:1 on the HDMI input..But almost all plasma TV screen don't.)

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