DVI or S-Video or VGA to BNC-5?



New user here. I have a GeForce with DVI, S-Video and VGA outputs and a P225f with BNC-5 inputs. For best possible resolution:

1. DVI to BNC-5 (is this possible)?
2. S-Video to BNC-5 (is this possible)?
3. VGA to BNC-5?

And what cable and which brand to use? Already messaged Mark Grant for a quote (seems as his stuff has gotten good reviews here). Comments? Suggestions :) ?


1. Yes it is possible as most graphics cards DVI ports output both analogue and digital video signals.
2. Not without conversion and therefore lower picture quality
3. This is probably the easiest method of connecting the PC to Monitor.

A standard VGA (& analogue via DVI) output from a PC is RGBHV. Most monitors have a DB-25 VGA input, but your monitor just has the 5 BNC connections instead.

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