DVI or Componet to Plasma??


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Decided on a screen- Hitachi 42PD5200, and, after a last minute change of plan- I think I'm going to go for a Jamo all in one.

I'm a bit worried as the Jamo doesn't have a DVI output, but it does have Component out.

Is there a big PQ difference between progressive scan component connections and DVI connections?


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I'd like to know this, as I have the Jamo, and my PD3000 is going back for a PD5200 / PD5300


The quality of inputs varies greatly from screen to screen. However, if you're set on the Jamo/hitachi combo you have no choice, so go component. Be prepared to try interlaced and progressive, the Hitachi is a special case, it might prefer the interlaced. Be aware also, whilst the Jamo might do well in the odd review, it's hardly likely to match up to a separate dvd player. You have a 2.5k display, why cut a silly corner like that? The reviewer of the Jamo is unlikely to have tried it with a Plasma, more like his 14" portable in his bedroom, where he lives as his mum and dad are downstairs.
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